From Lisa M...

I am so glad that we met Florence when researching the Barbet breed and we feel very fortunate to have one of her Barbet puppies join our family. 

After talking to Florence on the phone, and through email communications, I knew she was a professional, knowledgeable and caring breeder. Her dogs are part of her family and I could tell that they were raised with love when I met them – they are gentle and calm and absolutely beautiful. The advice and information provided by Florence was beyond valuable, as the Barbet is a rare breed in Canada. Florence was very organized with the history and health of her puppies which also provided us with peace of mind. She sent us home with all of the proper paper work, a training package and a lovely care package for our new puppy. It was also exciting to be able to see pictures posted of the pups growing up before they were able to join their forever homes. 

I have continued to correspond with Florence when we have any questions and she is very helpful and patient. I know she cares about the wellbeing of all her pups and new puppy parents. I feel it is very important to have the right breeder in order to get the right puppy and I would highly recommend Neigenuveaux to anyone considering a Barbet.


From the S family in Alaska...

Despite the fact that we live in Alaska, the entire process of adopting our Barbet from Neigenuveaux was seamless and stress-free. Florence was incredibly responsive, honest even when that honesty wouldn't benefit her, very knowledgable about all things dog-related, helpful with logistics (travel, international adoption), and above all, committed to the health and placement of her dogs. I flooded Florence with an endless stream of questions, which she proceeded to patiently and completely answer, every time, both via email and over the phone.

Our Barbet "Chef" is nearly two years old now, and she has had no health or behavior problems whatsoever. Our daughter was 7 years old when we adopted Chef, and we also have a very cranky, old cat. Chef is terrific with both of them. Chef has visited my daughter's school many times — for show-and-tell, for end-of-day pick up — and is great in crowds of little kids.

What I appreciated most about working with Neigenuveaux and Florence was the trust that we built over the course of several months, from our first conversation to the day we finally brought Chef home to Alaska, and even since then. Because we live so far away, we knew that we wouldn't be able to meet our puppy before we brought her home. I felt like Florence really made an effort to get to know our family, our lifestyle and our hopes/expectations. Then she used that information, along with her decades of breeding experience, to select just the right pup for us. Since adopting Chef nearly two years ago, we have had zero unpleasant surprises — no health issues, no unexpected grooming requirements, no socialization issues — and many wonderful experiences. We simply could not be happier with our Barbet, and recommend Florence and Neigenuveaux without reservation.


From Heather J...

Recently my husband and I were looking to purchase a new puppy. After researching, our breed of choice was the Barbet, we then began the search for a reputable breeder. We were thrilled to find Florence Erwin of Neigenuveaux Barbet and Florence presented us with our Cooper. After many conversations with Florence I knew she was a true lover of this breed and maintaining the integrity of the breed was pivotal . She kept us updated with regular videos of the litter and the suspense of not knowing which pup she would choose for us was fun. I believe that a breeder knows their pups best and also would know the best placement for them, and Florence you were right on with us. Cooper was house trained within a week, smart and very loveable. He loves the Grandchildren when they visit several times a week and this was a must for us. I loved the puppy package you sent with us Florence and the information on training your puppy prior to receiving it was fantastic. All the grooming tips, video and tools to have, have made grooming our boy enjoyable. To anyone out there if you are looking for a Barbet I would highly recommend this Breeder, be prepared to wait it will be worth it.


From Deb in St. Catharines...

I am delighted to offer my observations and comments regarding Flo Erwin and Neigenuveaux Barbet. I have become an unabashed Barbet enthusiast and a huge fan of the Erwins’ approach to breeding and raising dogs in their home. I initially met Flo and Tom Erwin at the Seaway Kennel Club show about ten months ago but had been aware of Neigenuveaux Barbet for a year prior to that when I first began researching the breed.

Although dogs have been part of my life since I was a young woman that was not the case for my husband. At this juncture, my husband and I were interested in finding a dog that was loving and secure, intelligent and playful. After eighteen years of delightful Golden Retrievers, and a mild dog allergy, I was particularly interested in a non-shedding breed. For months we poured through Dogs in Canada, finally deciding that the Barbet might just be the dog for us.

I had seen two of Flo’s Barbets at a dog show almost two years ago and was struck by their blend of calm and playfulness. We had initially intended to actively begin our quest for a dog about now, hopefully acquiring a Barbet puppy sometime over this summer. However we also wanted to initiate contact with Flo and meet her dogs as soon as possible. Neither my husband nor I had ever seen a Barbet puppy. Our first visit was in May 2012 and there was a house full of eight-week old puppies getting ready to go off to their new homes. Also present were Flo’s adult dogs. Astoundingly, the atmosphere was relatively calm! It was clear that these dogs were well loved and well cared for.

A few weeks later when we learned that Miss Eloisee had been successfully bred to Mr. Murdoch, a magnificent member of Flo and Tom’s family, we asked Flo if we might move our time line up and apply to adopt one of those puppies. We were so impressed with the openness with which Flo welcomed our questions and our desire to get to know the puppies. She encouraged frequent visits and made it clear that socialization is the key to well-adjusted, and well-behaved puppies. She kindly let us adopt Mr. Green, now known as Mr. Higgins. Our contact with Flo has continued. She has helped us out so much with dog-parenting advice, grooming tips, always giving thoughtful and sensible responses to our questions.

We have been impressed with Flo’s intelligent and intuitive commitment to breeding dogs that are outstanding examples of their breed. For us, the breed exemplifies intelligence, playfulness, and a calm demeanor and is a great family pet.

We cannot imagine our lives without our delightful Mr. Higgins.