Why This Barbet Breeder won’t mix different dogs together.

People have stated to us;  We want non shedding dogs, We want smaller dogs, We want hypoallergenic dogs and a poodle cross will give us that. Our Barbet are also non shedding dogs and we are now getting questions about allowing us to use one of our dogs to be mixed with another.  The answer is NO WAY.

Why, crossing a Barbet dog with a Poodle or another breed will not give you a cute mix of both and may not eliminate health issues, often it can double up on health issues and add more, new, and or different ones in the puppies.

The Poodle cross puppy won’t look like either breed, and sometimes can end up very unattractive as an adult depending on the individual breeds used to make it up. 

Hybrid vigor being a reason for someone to cross 2 breeds to supply a fad demand isn’t real.  It is a catch phrase invented by someone who wanted to create a bigger demand for their “product”, a cross-bred dog with a ‘cute’ or ‘clever’ name. They are looking to produce dogs for sale and they have no proof that their ‘product’ will be healthier especially as in 90% of cases, not a single official health test is done on either parent, a Vet check prior to breeding is NOT “health testing”.

How do these ‘dog breeders’ know they aren’t breeding dogs with terrible health histories together.  Mixing 2 breeds together may result with the offspring having Dysplasia, bloat, auto immune issues, heart issues, epilepsy to mention a few.

When these issues come to light the “dog breeders then say “Sorry, I didn’t know” and you are left with the heartbreak.

An ethical CKC registered Barbet Breeder should have health data on their dogs’, the parents/grandparents/siblings and progeny.  The Barbet breeder can predict the health, size and temperament that will be produced to a fair degree, they know their lines well.  A ‘dog breeder’ who crosses breeds for a fad will most certainly not.  Mixing temperaments of 2 totally different breeds such as the poodle cross, the Goldendoodle, the Labradoodle or any kind of a doodle can also mess with their heads, they don’t know if they are rounding up or retrieving, guarding or fighting.  Many mixes can have general anxiety and separation anxiety issues and occasionally show aggression due to the clashes of their breed purpose. 

The registered CKC Barbet Breeder must agree to and abide by a code of conduct which includes, not cross breeding dogs and not breeding unregistered dogs.

Breeding a poodle cross, to get a Goldendoodle, Labradoodle and any other kind of doodle only produces a dog that has a coat that is half and half, and not necessarily a dog that doesn’t shed. You get half a coat type from each parent.  The ‘dog breeder’ will likely have no idea which coat type you could get.  Could be a harder coat to look after than that of the original breed they started with, and could require professional grooming every 4 weeks or so.

As a Barbet Breeder we will explain all about any health issues as well as all grooming requirements. We don’t knowingly put up a puppy for sale that has a health issue.  All of our dogs for sale come from health tested parents.