About Us

Our names are Tom and Flo Erwin. We live in Mississauga, Ontario. Norman D. Fargo (our Partner) is affectionately known as Norm lives on a large property in Minesing, Ontario. This partnership gives our Barbet the best of both worlds, city and country living. Norm joined us this year, more about him follows.

In our 40 + years of breeding and showing Bichons and Barbets, we have had over 100 Canadian Champions , some of them Best In Show Winners. Several have been Top Dogs in Canada.

As the Barbet is still a rare breed in Canada we decided to stop breeding Bichons in order to properly focus on the Barbet.

Our puppies come from parents that have their Canadian Championships or ring experience. These parents have had all of their health testing done and the results are up on the OFFA.org. All of our puppies are raised in the main part of our house for proper socialization.

We keep a pup from each breeding to continue with our breeding program. All puppies that aren’t going into a breeding program are sold on a non-breed, spay/neuter contract.

We breed for Health and Temperament first, structure follows that. We don't breed for color. Every breeding is planned. The genetic background of both parents is very carefully considered..

Our Goal: To breed top quality Barbet from the healthiest dogs possible. Health, temperament and sound structure is our top priority.

Tom and Flo




My name is Norm, growing up my family always had dogs, but in 1989 I was introduced to the dog show world. Our breed of choice at that time was the Chinese Shar-Pei and very quickly we realized we needed to learn the ropes fast.

Under the Moonbeam prefix Neil and I owned, breed, and exhibited some of North Americas top winning Shar-Pei.
Enjoying showing and exhibiting show dogs I decided to work for a number of professional handlers to gain the knowledge and expertise to handle dogs on my own.

In 2000 I was introduced to the Havanese which today I co breed with Ashstone Kennels. We have once again owned, breed, and exhibited some of North Americas top winning Havanese.

In 2015 I was introduced to the Barbet and immediately fell in love with the easy going hearty nature of the breed, and became a co-owner of Kent with Flo Erwin. I am honoured and excited about being a partner in the Neigenuveaux breeding program. I look forward to bringing my expertise and knowledge to the table to continue producing healthy and sound top winning dogs for the future.

Norm Fargo