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You have found the home of Neigenuveaux Barbet. We are an Ontario based breeder of non shedding dogs. Specifically, we are a barbet breeder.

If you are looking for puppies for sale in Ontario, and more specifically dogs that don't shed than you have come to the right place. Barbet puppies are great additions to your family.  Our goals are to breed happy, healthy Barbet puppies that are sound in temperament and structurally correct.

The Barbet is a mid-sized dog that is considered one of the hypoallergenic dog breeds. This breed of dog comes in many colors, black, chestnut brown, fawn, sand and white with the lighter colors being very rare. We breed mostly black and chestnut brown dogs, some white markings.

Throughout the year we offer puppies for sale depending on our breeding schedule. Our puppies are socialized with people practically from birth which makes them the perfect companion.

The dogs for sale that we offer have wonderful personalities and they are lovingly raised in our home. Being a Barbet breeder, it is important for us to have our eyes on the puppies 24 – 7. We offer puppy visitations weekly for our clients, which helps to socialize our Barbet puppies. This method has been used for over 40 years and has proved to be very successful.

Not only do we occasionally have dogs for sale, we offer lifetime companions that have personality plus. Barbet puppies are considered by many to be the perfect hypoallergenic dog breeds and the big bonus is that they do not shed. We like to give Barbet puppies a good start before they go to their forever homes. The puppies go outside very often during the day which is a start to their housebreaking.

Before you begin your search for “dogs that don't shed”, or if you are looking for a puppy for sale contact us to find out if a barbet is right for you.
Quality not quantity is most important to us and our motto is… To Breed the Best – one must start with “The Best”

Please enjoy your visit and come back often to see what is new.

If you have any questions at all about the barbet breed, or hypoallergenic dog breeds in general please don't hesitate to contact us to learn how our non shedding dogs can fit into your lifestyle.

Let our 35+ years of breeding experience guide you to your new best friend!